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Supporting our communities is a fundamental position that we have at Virgin Jewels.

We look for genuine ways to uplift our communities through legitimate opportunities.

Donations to Charities for Christmas 

My Food Bag collects donations for charities care of City Missions in three major centres to help families who appreciate support during Christmas. NZ Post pick up for free. Lots of lovely goodies went into our box this year & not just jewellery! Squishmellows are the go at the moment so they feature big time in our offering!

Inner Boy & Mr G

Inner Boy is a She Is Not Your Rehab initiative by Matt & Sarah Brown. A free on line space for men to heal childhood trauma. She Is Not Your Rehab & Mr G have collaborated to create awesome art that is being sold to support this project. I am now the proud owner of one of these limited edition prints ☺️

Local Primary School

People ask what do you do with jewellery and components that can no longer be sold? We re-purpose it…by passing it on to a local school. The new entrants get to create beautiful Christmas creations with these ‘leftovers’ every year.

Gumboot Friday

The iconic Mike King is synonymous with this organisation. We choose to send funds this way because his mahi is making a difference at grassroots level like a wave that gets traction. Every cent helps.


We have been wanting to donate to KidsCan for awhile & finally we’ve stepped up here. They “work in partnership with schools because you know the best way to meet the needs of your tamariki. We provide free food, clothing and health products for children in Years 1-13.”

FLOOD SUPPORT – East Coast & Auckland

We gave a large sum of money via the NZ Red Cross & directly to contacts specifically for our people doing it hard during these adverse weather events.


We support RAW – Reclaiming Another Women, which is a charitable initiative set up by Annah Stretton and her team that works specifically with recidivist women prisoners. The work that the RAW team is doing and the results that they are getting are ground breaking and deserve attention. They replace amplifying criminal activity with scholarshiped education and negotiated work. Gin was invited by Annah to speak with some of the women in Auckland who are currently on the in-prison programme that RAW is operating. It was a very rewarding and inspiring opportunity and one that Gin felt privileged to have the opportunity to be involved in. We sent a large selection of scarves in response to the on-line call out RAW made to provide scarves for our NZ women for these cold winter months.  Annah and her sister Rebecca’s venture (RAW) is recognised by the Department of Corrections as the only model of this kind successfully breaking a cycle of crime, drugs and violence by targeting the mothers and their tamariki; giving them visibility, acceptance and real choice for a different way of life.

2022 we provided x10 copies of Matt Brown’s empowering book ‘She is not your rehab’ to RAW which is uplifting to connect these two groups in a tangible proactive way.

Cool Bananas

We also continue to support Cool Bananas with their fun and moral driven kid’s school programmes that they offer in the Bay. The kids just love these guys, possibly because they feel that the leadership loves them unconditionally and just want to see them happy, laughing, having fun and being the best that they can be within their own lives.

Orange Sky

Orange Sky provides free laundry, warm showers and genuine conversation to people experiencing homelessness every day of the week through their mobile van service. Most importantly, they offer the opportunity to connect and feel welcome through their grassroots initiative.


Christians Against Poverty. CAP works with local churches to release New Zealanders from debt and poverty – into lives of fullness and freedom.This organisation is literally setting NZ people financially free from serious debt. Via teaching practical money management tools that give people the skills to be able to effectively manage their lives within the financial parameters that they have. This is a brilliant and effective training facility available to any NZer.

She is not your rehab

Mission: creating violence free communities. In Matt’s own words “the movement is simply an invitation for men to acknowledge their own childhood trauma and to take responsibility for their healing so that they can transform their pain instead of transmitting it on those around them”. Another amazing grassroots initiative that is making a massive positive impact in our people’s lives. 2022 we provided x10 copies of Matt Brown’s empowering book ‘She is not your rehab’ to RAW which is uplifting to connect these two groups in a tangible proactive way.


Supplying a selection of 50 plus gorgeous Handbags & Clutch Purses if our supporters would rise to our challenge to help us fill them with women’s personal hygiene items. The Handbags and Purses will be presented to the young women of Tarawera High School [formerly Kawerau College, Bay of Plenty] to encourage and support them in their endeavours to stay at school to achieve a good education. It is a privilege to have this opportunity to support the future women of New Zealand.


Hand delivering warm scarves, gloves and beanies to Street Kai Charity this winter, a local Tauranga group who work with homeless people in the community.

“Beautiful beautiful scarfs arrived in The RAW Store , Hamilton- from Virgin Jewels.

They have had an amazing response and sold incredibly well.

Many thanks for such an awesome donation. Donations such as these give us

opportunities to talk and inspire people about the RAW Organisation

and how they help women readjust – search “Reclaiming Another Woman” for more information.

Such a generous donation and genuine thanks from the Store Manager at The RAW Store to you all.”

- Raewyn, the Store Manager for The RAW Store in Hamilton -

Communities We Support: