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Pearls Are For Women Style Earring


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SE181 Plain Round Pearl on Rose Gold base 1cm

SE181A  7 Small Pearls on Hoop 2.5cm, Pearl .4mm

SE181B Diamante w Top Heart Base 3cm

SE181C  3 large Pearls 2.5cm in Gold, Pearl 8mm

SE181D 3 large pearls 2.5cm in Silver, Pearl 8mm

SE181G Pearls on Hoop w Gold Accent 2.8cm diameter

SE181H Silver Hoop with Slide Pearl 1.1cm, top to bottom 2cm

SE181I Top & Tail in Silver 2.2cm

SE181J Top & Tail Rose Gold 2.2cm

SE181K Heart 1.8cm wide, top to toe 4cm

SE181Q Solid Gold Top w Heart Set in Gold 2.7cm x 1.2cm

SE181R Top Pearl 7mm, bottom Pearl 8mm, top to toe 3cm

SE181S Oval Pearls Wrapped around Gold 2.6cm

SE181T 4mm diameter

SE181V 1.2cm wide from bar to pearls, top to toe 1.8cm

SE181W 6mm wide, top to toe 1.7cm

SE181X Elongated Pearl on Hoop in Gold 2cm